Starting in year 2014, Choons Awards discontinued to press the compilation CD for Producer of The Year category. However, all selected tracks will be uploaded on the website.

Choons Awards 2014 selected tracks!
Filip Wake & Aron Baked feat. Yaxton – Become a king:

Abner Joel – Catharsis:

CMos – Sensation of notes:

Jena – Fire Nation Girl:

Khairil Shah – Once again:

Kirstie – Rockabye:

Satiyar – Anatomy:

Seagog – Soul mission:

Shafiq Exceed – Hexagon:

Stellar Dreams – Haste:

Thrill Me Now – Eardrums FMIX:

Choons Awards 2012 compilation CD


Summer Sun by Mr. Fluff
What Went Wrong by Buck Rogers
Trendy Smile by Urban Fluxus
Deeptyc by Nyl
*****Royal Box by DJ Hightech
Regret by Elvin Ong & Mystical Mirage
High Volume by DJ Ram
Mr Nightmare by Barformax
Sine This by DJ Maniax
Superman by Gregory Henderson feat. Angie Lym

Choons Awards 2011 compilation CD


*****Shift by DJ Maniax (Gareth Wong)
Minutes to Sleep by GYEO
Beginning to End by Dub T (Matt Taylor)
Wings of a Dove by Angie Lym (feat Greg Henderson and Jamie Wilson)
Manitou by Erecsean Fitzjohn
Jiwa Soul by Flikswitch
One More Time by Oliver Bailey feat Dustin Richie
Conversation by DJ Hitech
Trust by Falchionist Fahmi
Ulek Mayang by Abner Joel
Saldanha Baai by Ramsey Westwood
Jiwa Kacau by DJ C Master
Kalu by Soundkod (Nyl)

Choons Awards 2010 compilation CD



1.    Wild Of The Wind / Figure Of Speech
2.    Roots / Soundwize
3.     A Trip In Process / Electrofux & Anowl
4.    *****Denganmu / Flikswitch
5.    Bidayuh’s No 1 / DJ Sundae
6.    Energy / VIFAK
7.    Deepstruck / Noize Department
8.    Leaving Bollywood / Xsessiv
9.    Coming Of Jah / Soundwize
10.    My House / Q-Bik
11.    Nothing More / Xsessiv
12.    Time 2 Burn / Snatch, Natural & Sprawl
Choons Awards 2009 compilation CD


Disc 1
1    Lagi Satu /Buka Buka
2    On EvefeatD’CRUZ / Mr. Fluff
3    Sputnika(Original) / Daisy Chain
4    Adawijah Smoke/ DJ Sundae
5    XYZ/ Ganjaguru
6    Future Dub of Bukit Damansara /Pellegrosso6
7    Backtracker/ Backslash
8    Black and Gold/ Q-Bik feat Seb

Disc 2
1    *****Caution! (Album Edit) / Mr.  Fluff
2    Perhentian Blowfish / Pellegrosso
3    Awakening Selangor Thunderstorm  /Happy Together
4    Bumped (Original) /  Flilswitch
5    Land of The Rocker / Ganjaguru
6    I Am Glam / ZE!
7    We Are Speaking /Backslash
8    Awake In A Nightmare / Transient Vortex